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by poordom
29 Jan 2018 00:47
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: Z-UNO for Sale
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Z-UNO for Sale

Good afternoon All,

If anyone is interested I have 1 only Z-Uno for sale, it was mounted on a breadboard but never used.

Asking price $ 55.00 U.S.

by poordom
18 Jan 2018 22:50
Forum: Z-Uno
Topic: Socket to me
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Socket to me

I know, its an old corny joke. I have a Zuno board that I would like to place on a Perma-Proto board. In order to no damage the Z-uno chip by soldering, I would like to use an IC socket and solder it to the board, and insert the Z-uno into the socket. But I am having a hard time locating a 30 pin IC...
by poordom
13 Jul 2017 21:02
Forum: Official announcements
Topic: Z-Uno! We are proud to present our new product
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Re: Z-Uno! We are proud to present our new product

Good afternoon,

I am looking for a Z-Uno board, where can I get one.

What is the cost, I am in Canada.

Any specific user manual, I can download.


by poordom
12 Aug 2016 01:34
Forum: Discussions in English
Topic: UZB Dongle vs Daughter board.
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UZB Dongle vs Daughter board.

Good evening All, This is my first time here, so please accept my advance apologises for my lack of overall knowledge. Question 1 : I presently have the UZB Dongle, and wondering if I am better to use the Windows version of Z-Way, on a PC or to go towards a Raspberry Pi. version of Z-Way ( Are they ...