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by rapmaster
09 May 2018 13:50
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Topic: aeotec zw096-b09 unable to add
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aeotec zw096-b09 unable to add

I've run into an issue with an AEOTEC Smart Switch 6 ZWO96-B09. I can include the device fine on another PC using a USB stick however attempting to include within the Razberry Wave fails to find the device. The weird thing is it was part of this Razberry network at some point and was removed, thats ...
by rapmaster
30 Jun 2017 13:36
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Razberry Range?
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Re: Razberry Range?

I've got a V2 but the freq is for AU 921.42Mhz, is this an easy job?

I'm assuming I need to find an external antenna for 921Mhz?

Dunno if a few Range extenders will fix the issue, maybe.