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by Babu
13 Mar 2019 21:40
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Topic: Zdoom Raspbian Help
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Zdoom Raspbian Help

So for context i have a raspberry pi 3. One of my main goals on it is to run ZDoom or any of its iterations along with brutal. No, I don't want choco doom (if you know what I'm talking about, you'd know it sucks), and yes, I've tried all the online tutorials for raspbian i could find and i have a ve...
by Babu
13 Mar 2019 21:39
Forum: RaZberry
Topic: Motion goes black when taking screenshots
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Motion goes black when taking screenshots

The scenario is that I'm working on a build for my garage door. I want to run a camera that emails me a snap when it detects motion. I've got Motion running giving me a live feed and i've got SSMTP running that can send me emails. The problem is when Motion takes a screenshot, the screen goes black ...