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IFTTT Channel

Post by nybble » 24 Jul 2015 03:56

Hey guys, me again! Are there any plans in the future of perhaps releasing an IFTTT Channel for the Z-Way server?

Currently, I have a Pebble SmartWatch with ThisButton installed, linked to my IFTTT using the MakerChannel.

This allows me to capture web requests from the watch, relayed to IFTTT through my iPhone, which in turn use the same Maker Channel to relay commands to the Z-Way server API.

While this setup allows me to interface directly, it has the unfortunate side effect of requiring that I open my firewall to allow direct connections to 8083 on my Raspberry PI. Since there are no password requirements to access the API, I of course could come home to find someone playing with my lights and locks.

If anyone has tried to work with something like this just let me know! If I'm going about this integration with my watch in the completely wrong way, let me know that too. :)

Thanks again!

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Re: IFTTT Channel

Post by jarek » 04 Feb 2018 05:45

this would be useful, to be able to run scenes/set devices values from IFTTT

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