Android app for home automation

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Android app for home automation

Post by gsaw » 07 Nov 2016 17:58


I want to put some tablet pcs on the wall for controlling thermostat, light, may be it should show me actual weather and temperature. That's it. The app should be nice, used in fullscreen, landscape mode, and users should not be able to change layout or whatever.

I saw many android apps for "home automation" but there is nothing what meets my imaginings. What I saw are mostly created from a programmer to a geek/programmer apps. Highly customizable, do much more then you need.

I tried many "swiss knife" apps. But it is highly inconvenient to use these. Every time if you want turn light on, you have to find phone, power it on, enter password, find app, enter password, wait until it loads all widgets and retrieves status from the server, navigate to the right room, find an appropriate switch and then turn light on. It is efficient to use an dedicated switch on the wall, the way from couch to the wall inclusive. :)

Currently I'm trying MQTT-clients. Recently I came across the blynk-client. Last one is beautiful, simple, could be started in "read only" mode (the user cannot change layout). Blynk-Server can be installed locally, thus you don't need to pay any fees. Unfortunately it cannot be used in landscape mode and look ether as an technical thing, then living room remote.

An another idea to create an simple html site for each room individually. May be there is a framework for this? I mean images for controll widgets and such?

Or may be there is an FC2 server emulation? In order to use Fibaro App with z-way?



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Re: Android app for home automation

Post by kotto83 » 06 Jan 2017 20:27

gsaw wrote:Or may be there is an FC2 server emulation? In order to use Fibaro App with z-way?

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