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Re: Alexa Skill

Post by fez » 18 May 2017 13:33

Is it possible to get out loud notifications with Alexa?

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Re: Alexa Skill

Post by Benny » 20 May 2017 17:48

After the last crash Alexa isn't working anymore and I have the same login issue!?

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Re: Alexa Skill

Post by kWave » 05 Jun 2017 22:17


it suddenly stopped working for me since last week.
Alexa tells me that my devices don't respond.

The Alexa App (in Z-Way) is activated, but i can't login with the Popp Smart Home Skill (via Amazon Store ->
Authentication failed!
Remote ID/loign or password wrong
Please check also your Z-Way is connect to internet and the Alexa module is running!
My Z-Way is connected to the Internet, i can even remotely control it using the same credentials on

Does anyone have the same problem??

Just found this in a german support forum: ... me-server/
Summary: has availibility issues regarding Remote Services like Apps (Internet), Alexa and Licence Servers.
They are trying to fix it asap.

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Re: Alexa Skill

Post by PoltoS » 07 Jun 2017 23:04

Problem solved yesterday

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Re: Alexa Skill

Post by micky1500 » 09 Jul 2017 19:01

Thanks Team :)
Nothing was said, but !
Alexa z-way skill is now available for UK skillset.
And it works brilliantly.

Suggest you make sure '' logon works before trying it.


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