UZB1 bad response and poor range

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UZB1 bad response and poor range

Post by Matt92 » 20 Apr 2017 07:56


i'm quite new to Z-wave and actually just got my UZB1 (no license) setup.
for testing i included only one Fibaro FGS-222 and one FGK101 Door/Window opening sensor to my network.

The UZB1 is connected to my debian server running OpenHab2
The problem i have is that the range is indoor, no walls in between, to the sensors only about 5-6m avter that i get either a delay in switching the FGS-222 of at least 2-3 sec ore its not getting recognized at all by the UZB1 (out of range)
my understanding is that this shortrange is not normal, ore is it?

i would appreciate any help/advice

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