Project with traffic lights

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Project with traffic lights

Post by hribaro1 » 26 Apr 2017 08:31

We installed a project to detect traffic lights on 12 production machines. We are detecting statud green, red and blinking red (approx. frequency 1s). At the end we show the status of the groups of machines where red light might be blinking with 2 relays.

Issue is that once set up the system seem to work but after some time, a few hours everything got blocked and stopped working.

I have reduced the z-way-server log to 0 and also stopped "Inband Notifier" app to reduce logging as much as possible. System now works for one week but does not always refresh the status of lights. SOmetimes it does sometimes not.
When I press on the screen the hour of last refresh of the element that it refreshes again.

It is like some kind of memory or buffers would be full, but still why refresh occurs when you click the element on UI and not by itself.

Thank you in advance and best regards.

A lot of signals and a lot of traffic occurs. I am wnodering if this kind of solution (mainly ment for ho me automatio) is suitable at all for this kind of project.

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