Fibaro PIR Association on Sub Device does not work

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Fibaro PIR Association on Sub Device does not work

Post by johey » 26 Nov 2017 13:18

Having a Fibaro PIR Magic Eye ball, In Expert Mode, I am trying to add a Fibaro Double Switch 2. After hours and hours of frustration I finally made progress and the following observations.

In Configuration/Association of the PIR unit, I click + on group 2 (Motion). I select a Double Switch 2 (unit #31 in my case). This gives me another selector <Select an Instance>. I select option "1" and save it to the device (waiting for the wakeup). Now I see the (#31.1) under group 2 (Motion). However, the light is not controlled by motion what so ever.

Looking into Configuration/Expert Commands, I realize that under Association, there is nothing in group 2. Using the same configuration page, I add device #31.0. No additional selector is available, so I cannot select #31.1 but only #31.0. Anyway, this action adds it to the list, and voila - the light is finally controlled by the PIR unit!

Back to the Configuration/Association, using the findings from above, I realize I can manage the device if I select the option "Plain Association". Doing so will affect the list on Expert Commands and it will control the light connected to channel 1 of the switch device.

This is currently good enough for me. I don't need to control channel 2. However, in my opinion, the <Select an Instance> selector should not be present if it does not work that way, or fix so we can control sub devices this way.

Using firmware 2.3.6.

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