Alert after X minutes

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Alert after X minutes

Post by asiobob » 07 Jan 2018 05:51

I have an AeonTec garage opener that shows as a door lock in z-way (it works well). It shows the status (locked/unlocked) correctly in z-way.
What I would like to achieve is to send a notification (email for now) if the door has been left open for more than X minutes.

Is there an App already that can help me with this, for example , if coniditon lasts for > 10 minutes then ACTION ?
I use to do this on the Vera UI5 and it worked well.

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Re: Alert after X minutes

Post by enbemokel » 08 Jan 2018 14:19

I did something equal with a siren alarm. So, the garage opener can trigger a Dummy Device.
Then you may use the Timer Switch App.

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