Big network or multiple networks?? Advice wanted

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Big network or multiple networks?? Advice wanted

Post by aidem74 » 15 Jan 2018 01:06

Hi. Anyone with experience of big z-wave network or is the trick to run multiple smaller?
I have one Rpi with rzb2 (razberry2) in my chicken house to control the door motor (danalock), door sensor with temperature, wall plug. And some rules & schedule. It's a own network. This is rock solid. Been running for almost 3 months now without reboot. Great!

The other network I have: Rpi3 with Rzb2 +ext antenna for better range. 58 devices (39 mains, 16 batt, 3 FLIRS) and many, many rules.
Sadly I'll say this isn't stable. Needs to reboot a couple times a week. It often misses some rules and it's random witch one. Sometimes it's not accessible from outside (web gui) external but internal is ok. Often it misses a signal from sensor either trigger or !trigger. The respons varies alot. From instantaneously to 15-20 sec delay.
2 days ago I've included a secondary Rpi3 with Rzb2 but not sure what this will gain. I now have multiple devices in the sec-controller with uncompleted interviews. :?: The information seems hard to find about this setup.
With 10 more device incoming I don't think it will add any stability. :o
So does anyone run big nets or do you prefer multiple smaller?
Did I miss anything? Common user faults?

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