Routing Slaves

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Routing Slaves

Post by raed.habib » 02 Apr 2018 10:46

Hi there,

I have took the zwave training , and have read about the routing mechanism, i am still confused about the matter, to my knowledge battery operated devices and FLiRS devices, dont participate in routing, but according to the z-way alliance documentation, there is two types of slaves:
1-Slave: Knows all neighbours; Has no information about routing table; Can only reply to the node which it has received the message from. Hence, can not send unsolicited messages....such as Fixed installed mains powered devices like wall switches, wall dimmers or Venetian blind controllers

2- Routing Slave:Knows all neighbours; Has partial knowledge of routing table; Can reply to the node which he has received the message from and can send unsolicited messages to a number of predefined nodes he has a route too...such as Battery-operated devices and mobile applicable devices as for example sensors with battery operation, wall plugs for Schuko and plug types, thermostats and heaters with battery operation and all other slave applications

It Would be helpful if anyone can clarify this for me ?


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