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Node disappeared

Post by nickb512 » 06 Apr 2017 20:47


I look after a Z way installation with 10 devices. All working fine until now when one device has disappeared.... just vanished. It's not dead or anything like that, just gone from the UI. I use a custom front end and my API calls for that are just being ignored, although interestingly a IsNodeFailed check for the device responds saying the device is alive... but no switch commands seem to be working or appearing in the job queue.

Device in question is a Fibaro FGS222. Using Z Way 2.3.0. This node is on the edge of the z wave range but usually works fine, but sometimes needs one or two re transmissions to succeed - but it gets there eventually.

Interestingly this isn't the first time it has happened - with this device either. It happened to this 'switch' (same location, but different module) about 3 months ago and I just swapped the module over assuming the module had failed - but now the same thing has happened again.

When I send a switch command in my front end that will login to the Z Way API and send a IsNodeFailed check, and then directly after send the switch command, but all I see in the logs is:

[2017-04-06 18:42:49.242] [zway] Adding job: Check if node is failed
[2017-04-06 18:42:49.246] [D] [zway] SENDING: ( 01 04 00 62 31 A8 )
[2017-04-06 18:42:49.248] [D] [zway] RECEIVED ACK
[2017-04-06 18:42:49.248] [D] [zway] RECEIVED: ( 01 04 01 62 00 98 )
[2017-04-06 18:42:49.249] [D] [zway] SENT ACK
[2017-04-06 18:42:49.249] [E] [zway] Error returned from zdata_set_boolean(zassert(zway_find_device_data(zway, job->node_id, "isFailed")), data[2]): Bad arguments (-1)
[2017-04-06 18:42:49.249] [zway] Job 0x62 (Check if node is failed): Node 49 is operating
[2017-04-06 18:42:49.249] [D] [zway] Job 0x62 (Check if node is failed): success
[2017-04-06 18:42:49.249] [zway] Removing job: Check if node is failed

Any ideas, other than reincluding the device? I don't have access to it for another 2 weeks and its in a hard to get location. Don't really want to look a tit to the client and tell them its done the same thing it did before :(


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