Z-Way 2.3.4 "Not logged in" response

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Z-Way 2.3.4 "Not logged in" response

Post by Leoliu » 13 Jun 2017 05:54

From an third party application (running on Rasberry pi) I am using the Z-Way JS API to access my Razberry device. I can login and control my z-wave device. However, when I implement the same HTTP JS command to my application which was running on the same rasberry pi, I always get a "Not logged in" response even if I already authenticated successfully. Below are the commands I used:
Login success fully with code 200:
{"login":"admin", "password":"123456"}
"Not logged in" response with below command after authentication:
POST ... s[0].Basic
Status able to get with below command at the same time:

I have to add "Cookie: ZWAYSession=..." to HTTP head. Thanks.

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