Problems since brown out

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Problems since brown out

Post by Padster » 30 Nov 2017 18:28

I have had Domoticz on a RPi 3 with Razberry2 since May and it has been working really well.

At the weekend we suffered a brown out where our lights dimmed but nothing went off. Since then my zwave devices have been acting really weird.

The first thing I noticed was the hall light stayed on all night. If I turned it off it came right back on. I checked and the PIR was registered as on and stayed that way.

I shutdown the RPi3 and left it for a couple on minutes before turning it back on. This solved the hall light but now the living-room light is staying on. Again it seems to be because Domoticz thinks the PIR is staying on.

I have also noticed that my smoke alarms have logged 'Off' events even though there were no 'On' events. I have also had to take the batteries out of my two zwave sirens as they kept turning on.

This is the graph for my living-room PIR during last night. You'll see it just kept firing.
chart.jpeg (67.25 KiB) Viewed 852 times
Any ideas?

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Re: Problems since brown out

Post by Benny » 22 Dec 2017 22:48

Do you have fibaro actors and Sensors? It could bei possible you have an smoke alarm. Most fibaro actors configured to switch the Light on by smoke alarm. That alarm would send by Broadcast, perhaps domoticz do not recordnized?

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