"Unable to load data" on IOS devices

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"Unable to load data" on IOS devices

Post by LasPro » 23 Dec 2017 20:40

I replaced my TP-link reouter by the latest FritzBox 7590 and since then the access at the Z-Way control app is very,ery unstable.

I need at least 5-6 attemps starting the app to enter the dashboard. Normally "Smarthome UI -ERROR - Unable to load data" is displayed - after "setup hub" and auto detecting the IP adress again the dashboard will be displayed after several attemps.

Which settings could be wrong in my Fritzbox? Or is the Fritzbox not the reason for these issues?

The Web interface is stable (version 2.3.6).

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Re: "Unable to load data" on IOS devices

Post by Lasklu » 23 Dec 2017 21:56

I have unfortunately the same problem...Which ios-version do you use?
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