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Fibaro Universal Sensor FGBS-001

Posted: 20 Jan 2019 19:05
by Spirit78
Since upgrade to 2.3.8 and fw 5.32 my Fibaro sensor doesnt respond correctly. It has bin like a clock before the update. I have to switches connected to it, and it doesnt always notice changes on the inputs. The 2 inputs can not be activated at the same time as the signa comes from a fan controller device. So if input 1 is activated and I activate input 2, nr 1 goes off, and reversed the same. But then it doesnt always updates the status and gets stuck.

It has been working for 2-2,5 years til now, and nothing else has changed.
Could it be an required firmware update to the Fibaro Sensor thats needed?

Is it still not possible to upgrade Fibaro Sensors without having a Home Center?