UZB1 TransmitQueue overflow

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UZB1 TransmitQueue overflow

Post by RobertHerter » 30 May 2019 19:47


I habe an UZB1 with newest firmware that makes Problems in including new devices.
On fhem and openhab I get instantly the error that the transmit queue is full.
Contacted both developer and both stated a messed up Stick.
Tried to downgrade firmware and reupgrade but both results in the same behaviour.

Is this a know Problem and is there any fix without hard reset and learn 80+ devices new.



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Re: UZB1 TransmitQueue overflow

Post by PoltoS » 07 Jun 2019 16:15

We do not know about such a problem. You might want to make a backup and restore it back after full reset

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