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FGRM 222 and Venetian blinds

Posted: 26 Sep 2015 15:17
by nic_rt
Dear all,
I'm using a Fibaro FGRM 222 for my venetian blind.

In the smarthome UI I have 4 objects :

- Meter Electric 19-0-50-0 Fibar Group
- Meter Electric 19-0-50-2 Fibar Group
- Sensor Power 19-0-49-4 Fibar Group
- blind Switch multilevel

The last one allows me to open/close or to choose the opening of the blind but it doesn't allow to decide the orientation of the lamellas.

The FGRM 222 is well configurated I think (parameter 10 set to 2) and is calibrated (if I choose 50% the blind is going down to the half way).

I've momentary switches on my wall allowing ventian lamellas to change of orientation when holding buttons. Short press allows going dow/up/stop.

So I'm looking for help in order to be able to have one more switch multilevel dedicated to the control of the lamellas orientation.
I d'idn't find/understand how to manage that. :oops:
Many thanks in advance for your answers !

Re: FGRM 222 and Venetian blinds

Posted: 06 Oct 2015 15:03
by hribaro1
I have seen a MiCasaVerde forum on how to resolve this
by sending a low level SendData command to the FGRM

luup.call_action("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:ZWaveNetwork1","SendData",{Node="<zwave node id>", Data="145 1 15 38 1 1 0" .. tilt}, 1 )

Any idea how to send such a low level command through z-way?


Re: FGRM 222 and Venetian blinds

Posted: 17 Oct 2015 15:30
by nic_rt
Thanks hribaro1, interesting path to explore.
I've tried to check what are the parametres of the commandClass #145 as suggested in the link you posted, using this :

http://RazberryIP:8083/ZWaveAPI/Run/dev ... lasses[145]
I get "null" as answer, like if this command class doesn't exist....

May be someone will be better than me with that!

Re: FGRM 222 and Venetian blinds

Posted: 17 Oct 2015 17:44
by pofs
Command class 145 is Manufacturer Proprietary, it is not standardized and not supported directly in Z-Way.
But you also can send a low-level SendData in a similar way:

Code: Select all

http://.../ZWaveAPI/Run/SendData(node_id, [ 145, 1, 15, 38, 1, 1, 0, whatever ])
or from JS:

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zway.SendData(node_id, [ 145, 1, 15, 38, 1, 1, 0, whatever ]);

Re: FGRM 222 and Venetian blinds

Posted: 17 Oct 2015 20:37
by nic_rt
Waouh, it works! :D
I have used your recommendations and I've created a SwitchMultiLevel Code Device that allows me now to set the tilt angle of the lamellas ! :D
Many, many thanks !

One more question, I don't have feedback, as I don't know how to request the current value of the tilt (i.e. the equivalent of SenData for reading the value), is it feasible ?

Re: FGRM 222 and Venetian blinds

Posted: 17 Oct 2015 21:03
by pofs
It is currently impossible to get it, because as I've said, ManufacturerProprietary command class is not implemented, so its report will be ignored. And as I understand the MiCasaVerde topic, lamellas report is sent as a ManufacturerProprietary extension.

I'll think about adding it to zway.

Re: FGRM 222 and Venetian blinds

Posted: 17 Oct 2015 21:57
by nic_rt
Many thanks again! I'm already very happy to be able to remotly control the lamellas orientation !

Re: FGRM 222 and Venetian blinds

Posted: 03 Jan 2016 20:17
by Hunter
I want to thank the 3 of you in getting this resolved, after a day of frustration I read your posts and was able to create the Multiswitch CodeDevice! I am now able to tilt my external Jalousien/Venetian Blinds in any position.

Once again thank you very much!

Re: FGRM 222 and Venetian blinds

Posted: 04 Jan 2016 13:42
by hribaro1
No problem, glad to be of help.

Pofs posted that he was thinking of adding posibility to also read values, by adding proprietary command class.
Any idea when that might happen?


Re: FGRM 222 and Venetian blinds

Posted: 09 May 2017 12:44
by nic_rt
Hi everybody,
still the same question, is there new possibilities in order to read the venetian blind lamellas position ?

Many thanks !