[userModule] Device move for blinds and windows (2016/10/22)

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[userModule] Device move for blinds and windows (2016/10/22)

Post by maros » 17 Oct 2015 14:43

Move devices like blinds or windows based on timing information to a selected position.

Some devices cannot be set to a specific position, but only can be controlled by moving them up or down (eg. Fakro ARZ roller shutter). This module tries to circumvent this limitation by creating a virtual multilevel Switch device instead of the original device, that translates the user-selected position into timing information.

For example if a device usually takes 40 seconds to move from fully closed to fully opened state, then moving the device to 50% requires sending the move-up command, followed by a stop command 20 seconds later.

Furthermore this virtual device can check related devices. When two automation actuators operate on the same physical object (eg. blind and window chain drive) , and interfere witch each other then checking for related devices ensures proper functionality and prevents damage to the equipment.

Tested with Z-Way version v2.2.2
Bug/Issue tracker at https://github.com/maros/Zway-DeviceMove/issues
Documentation at https://github.com/maros/Zway-DeviceMov ... /README.md
Download at https://github.com/maros/Zway-DeviceMove/releases

Installation can be done directly via git or via the the Zway App-Store. Install the BaseModule first.
Z-Way 2.2.4 on Raspi B | My Zway GitHub repos | Amazon Wishlist to support module development

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