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[userModule] Configurator

Post by Provo » 23 Jan 2017 15:21

I've created a userModule for writing device configuration parameters. Because sometimes you might want to change the maximum light intensity of a dimmer based on the time of day or year, or you might want to change the operation of your door lock or thermostat, or automate the setting of any other configuration parameter. When you add the Configurator app, you will have to add the pysical device id, the parameter number, the value you want to write to this parameter, and preferrably the parameter size in bytes. It's then instantiated as a toggleButton vDev that is always on but triggerable.

Please note that you should be sure that you know what you're doing before using this module. Do not set undefined, undocumented or reserved parameters. Do not set parameters to undefined or reserved values. Do not set parameters with the wrong size. A list of parameters and what they do should be available in your device manual and in the Expert view configuration page (provided your device descriptor is correct).

The module is available through the app store with the key "kvolden_beta". Try it out if you want, and post any issues or requests here or (preferrably) the project gitlab repo: https://gitlab.com/kvolden/zway-configurator

EDIT: The module is now verified by the Z-Way team, so the token/key is no longer necessary.

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