Battery powered Z-Uno ?

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Battery powered Z-Uno ?

Post by knobbas » 14 Apr 2017 09:37


i got a problem with my z-uno while powering over battery.

I connected some i2c Sensors to the board.
BMP280 for atmospheric pressure
BH1750 for luminescence
AM2320 for humidity and temperature

With USB power everything is fine, the z-uno works for more than 24 hours

With 2x AA Battery (1.5V) on 3V Pin it works for round about 1 hour. Then the z-uno freeze with green LED is on.
Ok, the AM2330 will need minimum 3.1V, it's possible that this ist the problem.

WIth 2x AA Battery and DC StepUp to 5V (messured 5.1V) on Pin 5V is works only for less then 1 hour, then the board freezes again.

With 9V Battery on Pin Vin it will work only a few minutes, then it hangs up again. And i got an damaged BMP280, no messurements any more on this sensor

Ok, Battery disconnected an USB powered again, everything works fine again (BMP280 replaced with a new one)

Now i think there is a problem with my z-uno.
I testet the same sensors + display on a arduino nano with 2xAA and 2xAA+StepUp and there is no problem. Only the z-uno got problems while battery powered.

Edit: Before i used the BMP280, i got an BMP180. With the 180er sensor i got freeze problems with usb powered too. The BMP180 messurements of atmospheric pressure where mostly ok, but sometimes the result was very high or very low. after this wrong messurements it took only some minutes, then the z-uno freeze.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Battery powered Z-Uno ?

Post by michap » 14 Apr 2017 10:25

Have you connected USB and battery at same time?

As is written in documentation it is not allowed to use this two sources at same time - or you must work with a diode in battery power connection.

AM2320 need at minimum 3.1V - this can be additional issue (2xAA = 3V)

Best regards

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Re: Battery powered Z-Uno ?

Post by knobbas » 14 Apr 2017 10:41

Yes, i know that i can not use two power sources at the same time. I testet all with only one power source.

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