z-uno projet from a standard uno board

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z-uno projet from a standard uno board

Post by milimilo » 16 Jun 2017 23:18

Dear all,

I have a project that is working well on a standard cheap uno board (CH340 based).
Of course i am not a king of programming but i am kinda proud of my project which includes a keypad, RGB led and a fingerprint sensor.

And of course, if i just copy/paste the code from my uno to the zuno, i got tons of errors.

Most of them come from the library i use (and that i didn't wrote of course). Why those errors? Isn't Zuno just an Uno board woth zwave functions? If i have to rewrite each library (and it seems to be the same for everybody using standard libraries) this will be hell!

Thank you for your help

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Re: z-uno projet from a standard uno board

Post by PoltoS » 17 Jun 2017 01:12

Z-Uno uses another compiler. Hence some libraries should be corrected. Most of them are either compatible out of the box or requires some slight changes. But since hardware is different and assembler is also different (some libs for Arduino have asm inserts) such hardware related libs might not work.

Please do step by step porting. We might help with some libraries - just separate working from non-workig and try to locate the reason

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Re: z-uno projet from a standard uno board

Post by Black Cat » 18 Jun 2017 00:10

I think this is a valid point raised.
There are many working examples of working projects written for Ardunio/Uno already in existence.
The My Sensors site is full of them and has a very nice 16 Zone Irrigation Controller (amongst other projects) that would be more than useful with a ZUNO, but how do you convert them to something that ZUNO can use?
From a newbie perspective it would be more acceptable to be able to use these sketches without re-writing the code.
To be perfectly honest, many of us wouldn't know where to start as many of the examples for ZUNO are incomplete and intended as starting points for further development by experienced coders.

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