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oled issue SSD1306

Posted: 16 Dec 2017 02:49
by vebryn

I just purchase Z-Uno, it seems amazing!

I would like to use my oled screen from adafruit

I load and upload OLEDFrontDemo. Nothing is displayed :?

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Screen => Z-Uno
SDA => pin 10
SCL => pin 9
Vin => 3v3
RST => pin 11
Oled screen is working fine with my Raspberry Pi. A reset of screen is required. I tried to reset screen on Z-Uno with following code into setup :

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pinMode(11, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(11, HIGH);
digitalWrite(11, LOW);
digitalWrite(11, HIGH);
Nothing is displayed :?

Any idea to debug ?

Best regards.

Re: oled issue SSD1306

Posted: 16 Dec 2017 03:08
by rom1011
I have this one working with ZUno. Your's should be the same/similar.
I had to change the address in the libraries from 0x3c to 0x3d (SSD1306_ADDR) and I patched the reset toggle into the OLED::begin() method after the Wire.begin().

Re: oled issue SSD1306

Posted: 16 Dec 2017 11:21
by vebryn
Yeah, working much better with 0x3d i2c address! Thank you! If everything was so easy to solve :)

I didn't set the reset pin. Is this a good solution ?
I'm wondering if we can make text font bigger (as we can do with numbers) ?