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Re: Can't login using

Post by Provo » 07 Dec 2016 08:20

Click the cog in the upper right corner. Then click "Managament" and "Firmware update", and "Update to latest". In the dialog that opens, click "Advanced". Make sure "Activate Remote Access" is ticked. Here you will also see your Razberry ID, and you're able to set your password. This password is associated with the step where you enter your ID and password only, and not any of your Z-Way user accounts on your system.

If this doesn't help, please be more specific about what exactly doesn't work as you'd expect. What step fails, and how does it fail.

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Re: Can't login using

Post by Helleman » 29 Dec 2017 16:11

I am experiencing the same problem since approx a week.
I just did the firmware update with no improvement.
I start with the step where I enter my ID and password only and I always get "Remote access not possible or wrong password". This is when I try and access with my IPhone with the built in web browser via the 4g-network and also most of the time using Wifi (sometimes using wifi the direct connection option appears, but that is quite seldom).
I can access my raspberry via the terminal app "Termius", so remote access is available.
I can however log in on the Z-wave smart home using my IPad wich is only connected via my home wifi. It is from this device I have made the firmware update.

I have always had the problem that I loose the ability to access Z-wave smart home via my IPhone from time to time the exact same way as in this case (same problem occurs on my wifes IPhone). Usually it is solved be restarting my raspberry or sometimes just waiting for 12-24 hours or reactivating SSH on the raspberry. Now none of this works for me.
I am running out of ideas how to solve this and would really appreciate some help.

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Re: Can't login using

Post by Helleman » 30 Dec 2017 01:28

Ahh, thanks a lot! :-)
Hope you manage to find a solution.

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Re: Can't login using

Post by PoltoS » 01 Feb 2018 00:12

Please check our official announcement. We will enable the new server soon.

Max Faye-Wevle
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Re: Can't login using

Post by Max Faye-Wevle » 26 Feb 2018 23:47

Doesen't work for me either.

Does anyone whom overcom this issue have an answer?

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Re: Can't login using

Post by IgoriokLT » 27 Feb 2018 00:40

having no problems logging in. Are you sure you have updated to the latest version and remote access is set on?

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Re: Can't login using

Post by Earl_H » 08 Mar 2018 17:49

Hi - Same problem here

I have followed all of the proposed solutions using the latest downloads plus updating - from a blank RPi and an operational RPi; plus running updates on those and when I get to the "Z-Way Remote" screen I get the "remote access not possible or wrong password" error. This occurs if I'm using the RPi directly or via a remote PC - both within any firewalls.

One thing I note is that the page seems to be expecting that the password & ID existed but if you look at ... -razberry/ then you can see a "Configuration Interface" is no longer utilised to get them; if this is now automatic then how do we access them.

I did note an ID/Password combination that appears during the installation and can be seen in the log can be found in /etc/zbw/ but they seem to have no effect.

The RPi has no firewall software and turning off all other network and PC virus/firewall software has no impact.

Do the admins have a solution that works or do I have to return the item as defective

Lot of days have passed so I've edited this post to keep it fresh

Regards Earl_H

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