Unable to login 8083 forbidden

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Unable to login 8083 forbidden

Post by sek » 27 Dec 2018 16:40


Most of the time I am not able to login to the web page http://<myraspberry>:8083.
When I try to login (go to 8083) I do get the error that a page is forbidden and I am leaving with only empty menu items at the top.
So I don't see the login page. Well, I see it for a brief moment. The next page is the empty dashboard page with the error.
The login page seems to be forbidden.

When I try to log out (as if I was logged in) I get the same behaviour.

The problem seems not to be browser related (safari, Firefox, ie) and even not hardware related (windows 7, Mac)
I already tried to remove cookies but that does not help.
Also rebooting the raspberry does not work.

I am able to login on safari on my iPad. (most of the time!)
Sometimes it seems to work on my Mac as well when I use "find.z-wave.me".

I recently did upgrade from 2.1 to 2.3.8. From that moment the problems seems to occur.

Is this a known problem ?
Do I miss something ?

Regards, sek.

Firmware version v2.3.8
UI version 1.9.0
Built date 24-09-2018 14:06:19
Capabilities: Sim

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Re: Unable to login 8083 forbidden

Post by PoltoS » 18 Jan 2019 01:27

From 2.1 is a major upgrade. Many things might happen here. Can you provide log and remote access? If yes, please write to support@ all the info

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